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Estate Planning Blog

Heading to College in the Fall?

Yes, even young adults benefit from planning documents. While young adults have certain legal rights when they turn 18, they’re still often dependent on mom and dad for support. Given the prevalence of accidents for young people, having certain planning documents in place can make a difficult situation easier. Here’s why:

HIPAA Release and Authorization:

HIPAA is a federal law that prohibits health care providers and medical facilities from releasing medical information about an adult without the proper authorization. Having advance authorization through a HIPAA Release and Authorization would allow the pertinent doctor or hospital to share information with parents about their child.

Health Care Proxy:

Your child could still benefit from your insurance plan, but without the young adult nominating health care agents in advance, you won’t have decision-making authority in the event of an accident and illness. The hospital might have to bring the matter to court to appoint someone to make decisions. The cost of not planning ahead can be great.

Durable Power of Attorney:

Similar to the health care proxy above, the power of attorney document would allow a parent to make financial and legal decisions on behalf of their child if the child isn’t able to do so. This authority could include filing taxes, prosecuting claims, and preventing loss of funds.

Having these cornerstone documents in place provides peace of mind and can alleviate further stress and complication in an emergency situation.

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