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Probate & Estate Administration

Probate & estate administration

The Massachusetts Uniform Probate Court (MUPC) governs how to probate an estate in Massachusetts, whether or not the decedent left a will. If the person died with a will, the will must be filed with the court shortly after the person's death. Typically the person filing the will also petition the court for the allowance of the will and the appointment of a personal representative (formerly executor).

There are a number of ways to administer an estate in Massachusetts including, voluntary, formal, informal, and supervised, as well as late and limited. This is a technical process involving choosing the best probate option for the situation; carefully completing documents; providing notice, whether mailed or published in a local newspaper; and potentially appearing before the court. Interested parties have a period of time to object to the allowance and appointment. If objections are made, a judge will consider them at a hearing and rule accordingly.